Tobias Henricson, Head of Wealth Management and Partner at Göteborg Wealth Management is our Advisor of the Month

Tobias Henricson is our Advisor of the Month for February.

Investor Relations Specialist

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Tobias Henricson is Head of Wealth Management and Partner at Göteborg Wealth Management (GWM), a fast-growing boutique based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Tobias runs the daily operation and manage some private as well as corporate accounts. Before GWM Tobias worked as a Senior Financial Advisor at Cerberus. Tobias holds a master’s degree in Financial Economics and a diploma from The Swedish Insurance School.

What made you want to work in wealth management? Was the financial industry always attractive to you?

I’ve been interested in savings for as long as I can remember. It started out when, as a kid, I saved my weekly allowance, and watched it grow in my piggy bank instead of buying candy on Saturdays. In upper school I started trading stocks and found that my saved money can grow much faster with the help from interest, so my attraction to finance has been there for a while.

After graduating business school, I thought that I wanted to work within Asset Management, but this was right after the Global Financial Crisis and the job openings were few. Instead, I started working as a Financial Advisor and thought that it was going to be a steppingstone into a career within Asset Management. But I really enjoyed the mix between having a social job with clients and analysis. 

How is a normal day in your role as a Head of Wealth Management at GWM?

We’re a small but fast-growing boutique so one day is never like the other. Of course, there are client activities such as meetings, e-mails and calls as well as keeping a jour with the markets but there are also several internal projects that I work on simultaneously. Most of our projects focus on how to improve our services and thereby grow the business.

What are your clients more interested in at the moment? What would you advise to someone that comes to you under the current situation of the markets?

I would say sustainability, the climate crisis is present everywhere and is reported on almost daily.

In times of volatile markets, I believe that having a well-diversified portfolio is the best alternative. We have had a couple of weeks with a higher level of uncertainty, and we do not know what is around the corner, so I believe that taking all scenarios in to account is the best way to secure our clients capital. Further, I think that keeping your head cool and not to make any rush decisions in this climate is a winning concept.

Which is usually your client’s profile? Do you think the profile of people looking for financial advise has changed much in recent years?

I always find that question hard to answer since our clients have different backgrounds and have made their wealth in many different ways but one thing that is true for most of our clients is that they are above middle age. I think that most people want an advisor to talk to, to get personal, and customised advice and to hold their hand, and to tell them what to do when markets are shaking.

In general, the people looking for advise today are pretty much the same as the last couple of years. But the wealthy has become wealthier, so the portfolios are typically larger today.

Which themes or sectors do you think are particularly interesting at the moment? And what themes or sectors do you think would be interesting in the near future?

We have had a strong conviction in tech and renewables/energy transition for several years. And still think that these themes have a great future ahead but with the increased volatility and shift to value the short-term development is more uncertain. In the short term I believe that genuinely sustainable companies will be the relative winners.

How would you define yourself in 3 words?

Thorough, determined and service minded.

Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to pursue a career in wealth management?

Go for it! Most industry experience comes to use in Wealth Management but I valuate front office experience highest when we are hiring. If you’re unexperienced I would recommend starting out as a Financial Advisor in a bank for a couple of years.

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Tobias Henricson, Head of Wealth Management and Partner at Göteborg Wealth Management is our Advisor of the Month