Three Fund Managers talk about their funds to diversify portfolios

At RankiaPro Europe we hosted our seventh Conference Call of 2021 where we had three fund managers talking about their strategies to diversify portfolios.

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This Wednesday 27th of October RankiaPro Europe hosted its seventh Conference Call of 2021. It was quite interesting to hear about the strategies and insights of our three panelists.

We had presenting their funds Robin Dunmall, Fixed Income Portfolio Manager at Alken Asset Management, who presented the Alken Fund Sustainable Income Opportunities. Jorry Noeddekae, Fund Manager at Polar Capital who presented the Polar Capital Emerging Market Stars Fund and Stuart Forbes, co-founder at Rize ETF who presentated the Rize Sustainable Future of Food UCITS ETF.

The three professionals have presented their funds to fund selectors and advisors. During the conference call they also talked about the rising prices of commodities and how it is affecting the markets and the economy, and about the current state of inflation and their thoughts on its transitionary state.

“I suppose what I would say to contradict that is that we do see the economy being less reliant on oil than it was say in the 70s, even though things could get out of control with caution on going too far down that route, we are seeing wages start to pick up that could help maintain some of the purchasing power of consumers and missing government step in to take some of the hit in terms of the gas prices, energy prices also protecting purchasing power of consumers.”

“A unique all weather Income fund, Focus on high quality listed issuers with a strong ESG profile, Better return potential-flexibility to select the best instrument including convertible bonds, diversified sources of return, prudent risk profile and a proven track record built on an investment process able to capture market inefficiencies”

Robin Dunmall joined Alken Asset Management in 2018 as a Fixed Income Portfolio Manager. He was previously an Executive Director and Portfolio Manager within the Multi Asset Solutions group at J.P. Morgan Asset Management, focusing primarily on convertible bonds and income-oriented strategies.Robin holds and economics degree from the University of Cambridge. He has 12 years of investment experience.

We are kind of not that concerned that we will have a tightening cycle that would be significantly stronger than it’s already kind of being priced by the market. So I think this has been pretty well communicated. Market seem to be getting this one pretty well on. So for now, we see very slim, like loop of tightening that will be even creating more scares than have always been doing for a number of offroad asset classes. So we remain quite constructive on the market environment right now.”

“We disclose our proprietary scores for each aspect on our sustainability delta on both current level and future election. Given we look to invest to “improver” companies these scores may not increase meaningfully at the portfolio level over time, as we benefit from a strong performance at the company level where our investments are individually improving and we reinvest into new “delta” opportunities”

Jorry joined Polar Capital in June 2018 to launch the Polar Capital Emerging Market Stars Fund in July 2018. Prior to joining Polar Capital, Jorry worked at various firms including Nordea Investment Management, Danske Capital, F&C Investment Management, New Star Asset Management and BankInvest Asset Management.

“”I think the expectation is certainly that business and consumer purchasing power will be affected. However, we stand today at record corporate profits almost 3 trillion in excess savings from the pandemic, and at the same time, rising inflation. There may be a point. Inflation gets so high that we will be able to curb squash spending. But we’re not there yet. In our view, looking for other head rate hikes, they’re expected to come to curb inflation, which I think appears now to be more persistent than transitory. And the market seems to be pricing in several rate hikes next year.”

“The ETF has a fully plant based exposure, avoidance of meat and animal derived products, avoidance of commercial fishing and fish farming, Focus on bio-based stimulants and crop-protection products, reusable, recyclable and compostable packaging only, avoidance of exposure to GMO seeds, companies with poor (or non transparent) Forest risk commodity management in their supply chains are excluded”.

Stuart is a co-founder and product lead at Rize ETF. He is highly experienced in the full life-cycle development and management of ETF platforms. Stuart is a qualified solicitor and was previously Head of ETF Product Development at Legal & General Investment Management, and prior to that, at ETF Securities, where he was responsible for ETF development / structuring, platform management and legal.

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Three Fund Managers talk about their funds to diversify portfolios