The 10 most read interviews in 2020

Below we highlight the interviews that received the most views on RankiaPro throughout the year.

Head of RankiaPro

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We have reviewed the fund industry professionals who have collaborated with RankiaPro and who have been interviewed over the past twelve months:

Interviewed Professionals
1.Noora Lakkonen and Juhamatti Pukka, EVLI
2.Cees Bezuijen, Vanguard
3.Charles-Henri Herrmann, Janus Henderson
4.Mia Söderberg, Munich Re
5.Diego Bossio, Banca Reale
6.Stefano Torti, Banque Havilland
7.Eric Strand, AuAg
8.Mussie Kidane, Pictet
9.Bertrand Rocher, Mirova
10.Gunnar Knierim, AllianceBernstein

If you would like to participate in the RankiaPro interviews you can write directly to [email protected] with your application.

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The 10 most read interviews in 2020