RankiaPro Europe First Anniversary

In our first year, RankiaPro Europe had more than 10,000 website views per month and over 2,000 professionals across the European industry received the RankiaPro Magazine.

Investor Relations Manager at RankiaPro

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One year ago RankiaPro Europe was born! What a step for the RankiaPro Family. We are delighted to have worked with so many amazing professionals in the past year and that RankiaPro could enable the interaction between professionals through our website, events and magazine.

In our first year, RankiaPro Europe had more than 10,000 website views per month and over 2,000 professionals across the European industry received the RankiaPro Magazine on a quarterly basis. We are thankful to have also grown our following on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

“At RankiaPro we like to face challenges and transform crises into opportunities; Without a doubt, this year 2020 has helped us to learn to value gestures, closeness and time.”

Miguel Arias, CEO of Rankia
RankiaPro Team

RankiaPro Milestones

Conference Calls

2020 was a very challenging year for all of us, especially when trying to establish a business in a new region. For RankiaPro Europe the plan was always to create a bond between professionals. We believe that through our Conference Calls we managed to bring investment experts together and our Calls provided valuable investment insights for our clients. Please, attend our next conference call that will take place on 1st of December, our main topic will be Portfolio Diversification.

RankiaPro Meetings

RankiaPro Meetings is the single best way to bring together the Asset Manager and the Fund Selector in a private, closed-door setting. Organizing RankiaPro Meetings has been a true honour for us, and the tremendous feedback we have received from both parties demonstrates the effectiveness of this Meeting setting.

Rankia Pro Europe Magazine

RankiaPro Magazine is a unique opportunity for us to collaborate with many fund professionals, and to discuss the most relevant topics in fund selection, fund management, and everything in between. Having the Magazine is a great way for us to interact with market participants and to highlight unique investment trends.

1st Edition: December 2019


2nd Edition: March 2020


3rd Edition: June 2020


4th Edition: September 2020


Last but certainly not least, one of the star sections on our website in the past year has been our ‘Professional of the Month‘ section, where we publish three interviews a month of asset management professionals. Our Fund Selector of the month, Fund Manager of the month and Sales Manager of the month are the sections that have received the most views on our website.

It is also not surprising, as we all looked for guidance on how to navigate through the pandemic this year, that our most read Insight articles focused on the effect the virus had on the fund industry. How coronavirus is affecting the private banking sector and Investment ideas amid the COVID-19 crisis – Part 2 took the top two spots for most viewed articles this year, followed by two other hot topics of 2020, hedge funds and ESG: Hedge Fund Asset Managers 2020 – The Top 5 and Three Fund Selectors looking to make an Impact.

To close off, we wanted to take a moment to thank all those who have collaborated with us and trusted us since the birth of this adventure, as well as all those who have read, followed and accompanied us during the first three years of RankiaPro; without you we couldn’t have done you. We hope this is only the beginning of a long journey together. Thank you very much for being part of RankiaPro!

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RankiaPro Europe First Anniversary