Discover the funds presented in our RankiaPro Meetings themed around Emerging Markets

During our digital, private meetings, fund selectors met with fund managers from Mirae Asset Global Investments, Skagen Funds and Global X ETFs to learn more about the funds presented.

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For our second RankiaPro Meetings of the year, we showcased investments themed around Emerging Markets by partnering with three top-performing investment managers. Fund managers from each of the firms presented the fund they manage to a group of selectors in an interactive and private digital meeting.

Continue reading below to catch some highlights from the meetings with Mirae Asset Global Investments, Skagen Funds, and Global X ETFs.

Mirae Asset Global Investments

“We have a fundamental investment philosophy focused on Growth at a Reasonable Price (“GAARP”) and we are supported by structural themes.
Mirae applies a four-step investment process (Proprietary Screen, Recommendation Lists , Model Portfolio (“MP”), Actual Portfolio (“AP”)) successfully executed by the portfolio manager throughout his career.

Why Invest? We have a proven and repeatable investment process and style with a focus on risk-adjusted returns.
Responsible global coverage leveraging local due-diligence and relationships and a low turnover, highly concentrated strategy focused on high growth/return segments of EM.”

Malcolm Dorson, Senior Portfolio Manager at Mirae Asset Global Investments

About Mirae Asset Global Investments:

Founded in South Korea in 1997, Mirae Asset Global Investments Group (“Mirae Asset”) is today one of Asia’s largest independent asset managers, with more than $194bn of assets under management (as at 31 December 2020). Mirae Asset has developed specialist expertise in emerging markets and offers a wide range of both traditional and alternative investment products, including equity and fixed-income funds, ETFs, private equity, real estate, and hedge funds. Mirae Asset has one of the largest team of investment professionals dedicated to emerging markets. With over 200 portfolio managers, analysts, and strategists located in our network of offices across the globe, we maintain proximity to the investment opportunities that we research, allowing a deep understanding of companies and the cultures in which they operate. Mirae Asset has an extensive global footprint across 12 countries of which 7 are in Asia.

Skagen Funds

“We exclude a range of non-sustainable products, businesses and activities. We integrate sustainability, as this is an integrated part of the investment process. We are very active owners through direct dialogue with companies and voting at general meetings, we can positively influence companies’ behaviour over the long term”

“We offer long-term equity investors a clear value-based investment philosophy focused on company fundamentals and long-term thinking; An actively managed, high conviction portfolio based on independent analysis and responsible ownership through integrated ESG and transparent and timely reporting. The Fund is well positioned for the ongoing market rotation to Value.”

Frederik Bjelland, Portfolio Manager at Skagen Funds

About Skagen Funds:

SKAGEN was founded in Stavanger, Norway in 1993 with the goal of generating long-term growth for our client’s assets. Starting from managing assets solely for friends and family, SKAGEN has, over the years, grown into a leading Scandinavian asset management boutique with a broad European footprint. SKAGEN has been part of Storebrand Asset Management since 2017 but remains an independent investment boutique reporting to its own Board. SKAGEN manages more than €5.9 billion of clients’ money across nine active, fundamental, global equity and fixed income strategies. SKAGEN also offers five combination funds. We follow the same principles today as for the first money invested. The portfolio managers along with other employees have significant co-investment in SKAGEN’s funds. This serves to align interest with clients, and SKAGEN is committed to maintaining its culture of independent thinking and high performance.

Global X ETFs

“Why consider Thematic Investing Now? Rapid advancements in technology and the changing consumer preferences are disrupting traditional paradigms in sectors, industries, and the economy.”

“The last decade saw Video Games evolve from a niche industry to a global entertainment powerhouse. Esports (professional video gaming) drives gaming interest/engagement while also generating revenue.”

Morgane Delledonne, Director Research at Global X ETFs

About Global X ETFs:

Global X ETFs is a New York-based provider of global exchange-traded funds. Founded in 2008, it has approximately $27 billion in managed assets, across more than 70 different products. The ETF issuer and manager is widely known for its Thematic Growth, Income, and International product suites, in addition to its Core, Commodities and Alpha strategies. In July 2018, the company was acquired by Mirae Asset Global Investments.

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