Eric Strand, Founder and Manager of AuAg Silver Bullet Fund

Eric Strand is our Fund manager of the month. He is the founder and manager of AuAg's Silver bullet fund.
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Eric Strand is our Fund Manager of the Month. He is the founder and Fund Manager of AuAg’s Silver Bullet Fund. Eric has over 20 years of experience in asset management. And an impressive background as an Olympic athlete. Eric’s fund which has been characterized by some as the “riskiest fund in Europe” is the first UCITS silver focused fund in Europe. And has posted phenomenal returns of late amassing over 50% gains in April. Strand is a graduate of The University of Bonn and holds many financial accreditations and distinctions.

Could you explain your background in finance and how you got here?

I have spent most of my working life in finance. I started out working with High Networth clients on holistic wealth planning. I did this for a few years and then gradually started to move more into Asset Management. Over time I realized that I wanted to focus more on my passion which was silver and silver related funds and I opened up AuAg in 2019.

Could you explain your background in Sports?

I loved all types of sports growing up. And somehow or another I fell upon fencing. When I was younger I moved to Germany to focus on Fencing and did so throughout the years. I had a fair bit of success in sports, competing for Sweden in the Olympic games and multiple World Championships.

I think that sports are great crafting mechanisms for Asset managers. Sports build Resiliency and discipline. But moreover, sports teach you how to fail. Everyone that competes at a high-level deals with loss. Good competitors use this loss to learn. I think athletics instills the ability to get back up after falling.

Explain your fund a bit

We are the first UCITS based silver fund in Europe. The Silver Bullet Fund focuses on mining operations and a small bit of bullion. And we are predominately allocated across North and South America.

Due to the nature of precious metals and mining operations, our fund carries a substantial amount of inherent risk. I believe the fund is moving into a peak environment and will really pay off for investors over the next decade. Because the ’20s will be the decade of silver.

Why is now the time for AuAg’s Silver Bullet Fund

With massive issues in the world economy and governments rolling out the coffers to stimulate. We are on the precipice of substantial economic change. Inflation will mount and currencies will be devalued. Naturally under that environment, one would gravitate towards precious metals. We anticipate silver and gold prices going up considerably over the next 10 years. I believe our fund is the best place to capture this growing momentum.


These are excerpts from our new Podcast series where Eric was our first guest:

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Eric Strand, Founder and Manager of AuAg Silver Bullet Fund