Discover the ESG funds presented in our RankiaPro Meetings

During our five digital, private, ESG meetings, participant fund selectors met with fund managers from Montanaro AM, ECO Advisors, Storebrand, WHEB Group, and Trium Capital to learn more about the ESG fund presented.

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For the second installation of our RankiaPro Meetings we showcased ESG investments by partnering with five top performing boutique investment managers. Fund managers from each of the five firms presented the ESG fund they manage to a group of selectors in an interactive and private digital meeting.

Continue reading below to catch some highlights from the meetings with Montanaro AM, Eco Advisors, Storebrand AM, WHEB AM, Trium Capital.

Montanaro AM

We look for quality companies with structural growth – high margin companies with high return on equity.

One of our more exciting companies is SolarEdge Technologies, a provider of power optimizers and solar inverters used for solar panels. We didn’t invest in the manufacturing of solar panels, which we believe is a commoditized market, but instead in a company that develops the technology to make solar panels efficient.

Mark Rogers, Montanaro Better World Fund Manager

About Montanaro AM:

Montanaro was established in London by Charles Montanaro in 1991 to help leading institutions invest in quoted small companies. We remain an independent boutique to this day and focus exclusively on quoted Small & MidCap equities. We have built one of the largest research team dedicated to this asset class. As a certified B Corporation, Montanaro aims to increase the flow of capital to businesses that are helping to make the world a better place. As part of this, the launch of the Montanaro Better World Fund builds on our long history of successfully integrating ESG into our investment strategies.

ECO Advisors

Our factor attribution summary of our performance really gets to the heart of why we’ve been able to be successful so far in the sense that we’ve delivered what we said we would deliver to investors, vis-a-vis the stock selection process really driving the returns

Josh Gennet, Co-founder and portfolio manager at ECO Advisors

About ECO Advisors:

Ethical Capital Opportunity (“ECO”) Advisors is a London-based boutique Asset Manager with a dedicated focus on putting ESG at the centre of the investment process. The firm’s mission is to be the leader in data-driven ESG equity investing. The firm launched its flagship ESG Absolute Return strategy in July 2019as a daily dealing UCITS with Picted FundPartner Solutions as administrator and UCITS ManCo.

Storebrand AM

We are facing a freshwater crisis, and from an investment point of view, it doesn’t have to be an absolute scarcity of water for this to become a bigger problem for companies – increased water costs for the fracking industry in North America for instance.

Philip Ripman, Storebrand Global Solutions portfolio manager

About Storebrand AM:

Storebrand Asset Management is Norway’s largest private asset manager with €83bn AuM and a specialist in sustainable investing. Sustainability is integral to Storebrand’s business and our ESG analysis, which aligns with the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals, is fully integrated into the investment processes for all assets under management. Our long-term vision for the year 2050 is a world where nine billion people live well, within the earth’s natural limits, and we believe that the companies which contribute to solving society’s problems in a sustainable way will also be the most profitable in the long run.


With all of our portfolio companies, you should be able to quickly see how they’re contributing to sustainable growth, in contrast to a large part of the investable universe, within what is called the transitioning block, and whose products or services are not direct solutions to sustainability challenges themselves.

Ted Franks, Fund Manager at WHEB AM

About WHEB AM:

WHEB Asset Management is a specialist boutique focused solely on sustainable and positive impact investing. WHEB is a unique firm because the business is organised on the same sustainability principles that we use in our stock selection and thematic research. WHEB manages one investment strategy, a global mid cap growth equity fund, the FP WHEB Sustainability fund, which only invests in companies that are solving sustainability challenges. Our mission, “to advance sustainability and create prosperity through positive impact investments”, is a statement of our intentions. We do this by integrating our sustainability into our ownership and governance structures as well as our investment process. As a Certified B Corporation, a certification that demonstrates we have been recognised for our systematic application of sustainability principles, across the business, with stakeholders and with clients and with a radical approach to transparency.

Trium Capital

Our fund is different – we’re focusing directly on ESG, and especially on emissions reduction as the driver of what we’re doing to create impact and generate alpha. To do that, we are focusing exclusively on the high-emitting sectors.

Joe Mares, portfolio manager at Trium Capital

About Trium Capital:

Trium Capital was established in 2013, with offices in London and Dublin. Trium is backed by a family office with extensive hedge fund interests and we seek to attract talented, experienced hedge fund managers and back them with our own capital, bringing a strong aligned with Investors. Trium manage both Cayman and Alternative UCITS funds, which include discretionary, quantitative and ‘quantamental’ investing styles. Trium is member of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), the Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) and is a signatory of the Standard Board for Alternative Investments (SBAI).

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