LONVIA CAPITAL and three European Small and Mid-cap funds launched by Cyrille Carrière and his partners

LONVIA CAPITAL was born as an independent manager with a long-term investment philosophy. The team consists of Cyrille Carriére, Cyril de Vanssay, Jacques Gout-Lombard and Dorian Terral.

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LONVIA CAPITAL is an independent fund management company with a long-term investment philosophy. The historical investment team composed of Cyrille Carrière and Cyril de Vanssay is reinforced by two experienced Portfolio Managers and Analysts, Jacques Gout Lombard and Dorian Terral. The sales team consists of four professionals based in Paris for distribution in French-speaking Europe and international markets, and Madrid for Spain, Italy and Latin America markets.


With Cyril de Vanssay, who has been working by my side for many years, and an extended and experienced team, we are launching LONVIA CAPITAL to further develop a unique and recognized investment philosophy, which has been successfully applied on European small and mid-cap equities, with strengthened assets and new growth ambitions.

Cyrille Carriére, co-founder, president and chief investment officer of the firm.

LONVIA CAPITAL is launching three UCITS V funds specialized in European small and mid caps. “Lonvia Avenir Mid-Cap Euro” and “Lonvia Avenir Mid-Cap Europe” are under (or fall under) the responsibility of Cyrille Carrière and “Lonvia Avenir Small Cap Europe” are under the responsibility of Cyril de Vanssay. The funds are accessible through a SICAV under Luxembourg law.

Three funds in the continuity of Cyrille Carrière’s proven expertise

The investment strategy deployed within the funds carry on as the continuity of Cyrille Carrière’s know-how. Until September 2020, Cyrille managed the Small & Mid Cap Euro and Europe equity strategies through the two flagship “5 stars Morningstar” funds Groupama Avenir Euro and G Fund Avenir Europe. These strategies have grown from €70 million in assets under management, since his arrival in March 2012, to more than €4 billion as of September 2020.

Under his management, the performance for Groupama Avenir Euro fund was +309.7% compared to +131.4% for its benchmark index between March 26th, 2012 and September 18th, 2020 and for G Fund Avenir Europe +137.2% compared +52.5% for its benchmark index since its launch in December 14th, 2014 and September 18th, 2020. These two funds were awarded 45 “Refinitiv Lipper Funds Award” in 2015-2016-2017-2018-2019-2020, including 6 successively won by Groupama Avenir Euro fund as best performer in Europe over 3 years. Groupama Avenir Euro has also received the Grand Prix de la finance 2020 for the best fund in the small and mid-caps Europe category. Cyrille was several times ranked Citywire AA and AAA manager.

Companies demonstrating the ability to grow substantially over the long term

The investment philosophy rely on the identification, analysis and selection of business models considered sustainable sources of value creation over a long-term investment horizon. Portfolio managers invest in companies with strong development potential and support them over the long term.

These companies are characterized in particular by their positioning in buoyant markets and growth-oriented strategies based on product innovation, investment in human capital, acquisition of new clients, and international expansion.

A foundation as an extension of LONVIA CAPITAL’s investment philosophy

As an extension of its investment philosophy focused on sustainable growth, LONVIA CAPITAL is committed to devoting 10% of its net income to support projects in the fields of medical research, education, social inclusion or environmental preservation. LONVIA CAPITAL thus aims to create a virtuous circle with its stakeholders and society as a whole.

In addition to investing the funds in companies with sustainable business models, LONVIA CAPITAL is committed to allocating 10% of its net profit to support medical research, education, social inclusion, and environmental conservation. Thus, LONVIA CAPITAL has the ambition to create a virtuous circle with its stakeholders and society as a whole.

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LONVIA CAPITAL and three European Small and Mid-cap funds launched by Cyrille Carrière and his partners