Robeco publishes Expected Returns 2021-2025: ‘Brave Real World’
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Robeco publishes Expected Returns 2021-2025: ‘Brave Real World’

Robeco foresees a protracted period of negative real interest rates, meaning their impact on the relationship between economic fundamentals and asset price performance.

Amati AIM VCT plc triggers over-allotment facility
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Amati AIM VCT Plc triggers ‘over-allotment’ facility to raise further £20M

Amati AIM VCT plc confirmed that it had raised £25m with its most recent Prospectus Offer, the firm decided not to trigger an ‘over-allotment’ facility.

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Federated Hermes, International maintains A+ rating in 2020 PRI Assessment

The A+ rating is a testament to the firm’s high standard of responsible investment in its governance processes and across all asset classes

BTCetc Physical Bitcoin ETC
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Successful launch of the BTCetc Physical Bitcoin ETC – BTCE

BTCetc Physical Bitcoin ETC BTCE is the most traded non-leveraged exchange traded note (ETN) on Deutsche Boerse’s ETN segment since launch.

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