When volatility is rising, boring is beautiful

Amid slowing economic growth, soaring inflation and the fear of rising interest rates, investors may be taking a second look at the high valuations many digital platform and software stocks command.


Is misfiring Netflix now a value stock?

When streaming service Netflix reported that it had lost 200,000 subscribers during the first quarter of 2022, its share price plunged by almost 40%. What could this be due to?


The euro remains under pressure and falls against the dollar

At the end of April, the ICE Bank of America MOVE index, which measures the implied volatility in bond markets for the next month, climbed close to the peak seen in early March after the onset of war in Ukraine.

disoriented markets outside

Disoriented Markets

Conversely, selling pressure on sovereign debt, particularly Italian, is fading. The flexibility proposed by Christine Lagarde has contributed to reducing this pressure.

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When volatility is rising, boring is beautiful