Inflation outside

Inflation rate hits records in the Eurozone

After the historical news on inflation in the Eurozone, we have received some insights and commentaries from professionals within the asset manager industry.

Election and vaccine equity strategy: same style, still cautious

Which are Fund selector’s favourite US Large-Cap?

On this occasion we have chosen to analyse the two US Large-Cap Equities in this month’s SharingAlpha data from different categories, Polen Capital Focus US Growth Fund and Robeco BP US Premium Equities.

outside greenbonds
Fixed Income

Is the Green Bond Premium Here to Stay?

We believe that the green bond premium—already significant in some fixed income markets—is set to expand further, driven by increasing investor interest and a supportive regulatory environment.


Transitory and inflation together no more, Fed says

The chairman of the fed, has acknowledged that, in fact, inflation is proving to be more persistent than expected, and therefore, not transitory anymore.

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Inflation rate hits records in the Eurozone