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Rankia began his career in 2003 and, since then, has become the benchmark Spanish-speaking online financial community, a meeting point where our users share their experiences and opinions on investment management and personal finance.

In October 2017, Rankia went a step further, launching RankiaPro, a new project aimed exclusively at professionals in the asset management industry, whose objective is to help these professionals in making better investment decisions, promoting networking and relationships between them.

RankiaPro Team

Juan Such

President & Founder

Ana Andrés

Head of RankiaPro

Sara Giménez

Investor Relations Specialist Iberia & LATAM

Pablo Álvarez

Investor Relations Specialist Iberia

Carla Solera

Investor Relations Specialist Europe

Patricia Molina

Investor Relations Specialist Europe

Leticia Rial

Content Specialist

Fernando Arufe

Content Specialist

Naiara Mooy

Graphic Designer

Sales Team

José Antonio Inchausti

Sales Manager

Alejandro Ortolá

Sales Manager

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About us