ESG in Action: The Human Touch in Interpreting Climate Scenario Analysis

Today, there are more robust and meaningful approaches—but fundamental insight still holds the key to interpreting the results.

outside european equities

European Equities – what will 2022 bring?

At Aubrey we ended the year nearly three percentage points ahead of the benchmark, even though we did not invest in ‘reflation’ sectors.

outside net zero

Jupiter Merlin Weekly: Are politicians being honest about ‘net zero’?

The Jupiter Merlin team address how politicians are pursuing ‘net zero’ targets, and whether they’re being honest with electorates about the reality of getting there.

outside nordic markets

Nordic markets analysis

All Nordic countries are doing well, and we believe there will be increased capex going forward and continued strong consumer demand.


Schroders appoints Tim Goodman as new Head of Corporate Governance

Tim brings with him 29 years of experience across the Environmental, Sustainability and Governance (ESG).


Mirabaud appoints Anu Narula as new equity parter

Anu Narula will become the fifth Equity Partner of the Group and the second from its Asset Management business line.


UBS AM appoints new Head of Sustainable Investing

Lucy has 20 years of experience in the industry and joins UBS AM from TCorp, the financial markets partner of the New South Wales government in Australia, where she was Head of Investment Stewardship.

Montanaro cover

Charles Montanaro from Montanaro – Fund Manager of the Month

Charles Montanaro is our Fund Manager of the Month for the Month of January.


A chat with Malcolm Dorson, Portfolio manager of the Mirae Asset Emerging Markets Great Consumer Equity Strategy

We wanted to chat to him to learn more about the strategy of the fund, its allocations, the sectors the fund is invested in, and which future investment opportunities he sees in the Emerging Markets.

Christoph Mallet

Christophe Mallet – Sales Manager of the Month

Christophe Mallet is our Sales Manager of the Month for January.


Jean-Baptiste Fargeau talks about inflation and fund selection

Jean-Baptiste Fargeau, Fund Selector Manager at Banque de Luxembourg Investment, talked about inflation, and how this affects the way the asses the different markets for their portfolios.

Kees Verbas cover

Kees Verbaas is our Fund Selector of the Month

Kees Verbaas is our Fund Selector of the Month for December.

outside liquid alternatives

Liquid alternatives: What to consider when looking for the right manager?

To integrate the appropriate strategy into an existing portfolio, six steps are important in our view – which we describe in more detail in the following sections.



Does meeting the SDGs require new macroeconomics?

Achieving the SDGs and the Paris Agreement will require trillions of dollars in expenditure over the coming decade.

DWS extends ESG product range with short-duration corporate bond ETF

Four ESG Myths About Emerging-Market Corporates

In our view, investors need to cut through the confusion around ESG in EM to access a rising sector with a compelling risk/reward profile.


Away from supply-shortage headlines, the energy transition has begun

Right now, the supply of physical goods continues to be strained and every major economy is experiencing problems transporting goods.

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