Mediolanum International Funds seeds new funds for two specialized boutiques in North America to expand their access to Europe

MIFL to invest at least to €10 billion in the next 5 years with highly specialized boutique managers across the globe.


Fear of missing out drives Europe’s fund investors to long-term funds in January.

Long-term funds attracted inflows of EUR 89.5 billion in January 2021, the third-best month on record for long-term funds after January 2018 and December 2020 (Morningstar started collecting European fund flow data on an industry level in 2007).


The truth about growth and value performance

The implication is that, if you want attractive returns, the only place you will get them is in “growth” stocks. Even better, technology stocks. But this is wrong.


India’s path to Sustainable & Inclusive Growth

Equity markets are typically faster to recognize the potential of structural reforms and, as a result, Indian markets have become the 7th largest in the world, bigger than even Germany and Canada.



PIMCO Names Kimberley Stafford as Global Head of Product Strategy Group and Alec Kersman as Head of Asia-Pacific

Mr. Kersman drove the growth of PIMCO’s Latin America business over more than a decade and, more recently, has played a major role in bringing his client relationship expertise to U.S.


Yves Perrier to step down as Amundi CEO

Yves Perrier is to step down as chief executive officer of Amundi to become chairman of the board, with Valérie Baudson stepping into his role at the firm.


Mediolanum International Funds appoints new Head of Multi-Manager function

Bish Limbu joins Dublin team as part of the company’s talent acquisition campaign. Mr. Limbu has over 25 years of industry experience across investment, wealth management and capital markets.



Massimiliano Gnesi, Senior Portfolio Manager at Copernicus WM

Massimiliano is our Fund Manager of the Month for March. Read what he has to say about beginning his career in finance as the dot com bubble was bursting.


Eric Simonnet, Business Development and Investor Relations Manager at Triodos IM

Eric is our Sales Manager of the Month for February. He recently joined Triodos IM, one of the original asset managers focusing on impact investing.


Angus Parker, Global Equity Climate Change Fund Manager at HSBC AM

Angus Parker is our Fund Manager of the Month for for February. Continue reading below to see what he values most in companies his fund holds.



Impact of UK Assessment of Value: Investors receive on average a 50% discount following their forced move out of legacy retail classes.

According to Fitz Partners research, the transfer of legacy retail investors to the corresponding existing Clean share classes offers the largest discount at exactly 50%.


Taking the temperature on climate change – an investment perspective

The Paris Climate Agreement has singularly failed to live up to its promise. According to the UN’s 2020 Emissions Gap Report, without drastic action, temperatures could rise in excess of 3°C this century.


Imagine all the people living for a CO2 free world.

Our day to day life is understandably overwhelmed by the groundhog day of lockdowns and the pandemic and thankfully now vaccinations are being rolled out.

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